What to wear for Halloween.

Halloween 2016 is right around the corner. Are you stuck for a great scary costume idea this year? Iris is here to help!


“I’m going to terrify everyone this Halloween by going as a third-party voter.”

Get your Jill Stein swag here, and/or your Gary Johnson swag here.

You’re welcome, people.



  1. says

    For extra credit make it a 3rd party voter that would scare both major parties. (I justify this based on the existance of Sanders voters that waffled between him and Trump, and the fact that each person will self reference when experiencing the costume).

  2. chigau (違う) says

    Best Hallowe’en costume evvarr…
    at a Canadian university in the mid70s, a classmate with longer than shoulder hair and a big, bushy beard, shaved and got a businessman haircut, put on a bunch of US flag clothing and came as a Republican.
    He was utterly unrecognizable.

  3. says

    Christian missionaries have a lot to do with Halloween as it is known in the modern world. In an attempt to diminish the celebration of Samhain, they assigned the same day as the feast of All Saints, or All Hallows Day, on November 1. “Hallow” means holy or sanctified. Over the years, the symbolism of Samhain remained, and the celebration of All Hallow’s Eve continued as a celebration of the disembodied dead. Gifts of food and drink were placed out for these spirits to appease them. This began the tradition of children dressing up as spooks and ghouls and going door to door to collect treats.

  4. StevoR says

    @3. Jake Harban : They could well end up electing Donald Trump POTUS & that is something that the world is rightly worried by.

  5. StevoR says

    ^ EDIT : “Worried” is a huge understatement btw, “terrified by” is probably more accurate – I’m certainly scared of a possible Trump Presidency & I live in Australia.

    BTW.Off topic sorry Iris Vander Pluym but expect and hope you’ll enjoy this :


    & also here :


    Cyndi Lauper interviewed by an Aussie TV show including (first link) her recipe for squirrel & thoughts on them in the second link!