An Expose On Nosey Parker Exposes: Just what sort of sewer the bigotry comes from

Shaun is a youtuber who produces infrequent but excellent content about the dregs of society: rightwingnuts, religious fanatics, racists, TERFs, and other … less than stellar individuals (just so I’m not accused of insults).

His latest video is a thoroughly researched two hour documentary on Nosey Parker, aka Kellie Jay Keen Minshull.  Given that individual’s willingness to sign up with neonazis and white supremacists, Kellie Kay Keen (KKK) would be a more apt name.

Nosey isn’t just a TERF, but an anti-abortionist, anti-women’s rights, pro-eugenics, conspiracy “theorist”, and advocate for violence and murder of those that the TERF doesn’t like.  KKK openly associates, welcomes and encourages those willing and desiring to commit violence, and uses dogwhistles to other and incite attacks.  Mocking and celebrating murders and suicides is not the view or action of anyone who belongs in civilized society.

KKK pretends to be “working class” and “educated”, which Shaun’s video debunks on both counts.  Where I disagree with him is on TERFs and their association with neonazism and other hate groups.  He says that TERFs “worry about being associated with the extreme right, hurting the gender HYPOcritical movement”.  In reality, the only thing that bothers the entirety of TERFs is that KKK says the quiet part out loud.

KKK is akin to Randall Terry and Neil Horsley among anti-abortionists: they openly advocate(d) for violence.  The others in the movements say the same things, but only behind closed doors.  And they say it with their money, who they fund.