I Need To Backtrack: Regarding Ted Cruz and his “commission”

Hypotheticals aren’t the best thing to post, but….

Back in April 2023, audio surfaced of a phone call between Ted “Crud” Cruz and Mario “Bad Moon” Bartiromo”, talking about a “commission” that would oversee the fight between the legitimate election results and the republican attempt to overthrow it.

Most thought that the audio showed Cruz was taking Cheetolini’s side to overthrow the election.  But it’s what he didn’t say that raised my eyebrow.

Bartiromo: Who’s deciding who would get inaugurated?

Cruz: It would be the results of that commission and what they find and if they found credible evidence of fraud that undermines confidence in the electoral results in any given state they would report on that.

He never mentioned Cheetolini as “being the winner”.  Is that because he was “trying to sound impartial”?  Yeah, right.  More likely, Cruz would try to make himself head of that commission.  Not just “lead it”, but direct it.

What if Cruz managed to “prove both Cheetolini AND Biden lost”?  Who would replace Biden as rightful president if that happened?  I don’t believe it’s a stretch to see Cruz positioning himself for and organizing his own coup d’etat for the presidency, especially as another was going on.  He wasn’t the most senior senate republican or cabinet secretary, but he wasn’t that far down the list in order of succession.

From Newsweek, April 2023:

Ted Cruz Tapes To Be Handed Over to Jack Smith’s DOJ Probe

A lawyer for Fox News whistleblower Abby Grossberg—the former producer on Tucker Carlson Tonight who’s suing the host and other executives at the network—has confirmed that the DOJ’s Special Counsel Jack Smith has requested access to some of the recordings in her possession.

The lawyer confirmed Smith’s request on MSNBC on Tuesday, saying that he had “been contacted by several law enforcement authorities.” When asked by news anchor Ari Melber if the DOJ was “one of those entities,” the lawyer replied “yes.” He then confirmed, after being prompted by Melber, that it was the special counsel—Jack Smith—who got in touch.

While the lawyer didn’t specify exactly which tapes Smith asked for—Grossberg said she has about 90 unaired recordings from inside Fox News—MSNBC aired a part of the Ted Cruz tapes where the Texas senator discusses overthrowing the election with Fox’s Maria Bartiromo.