Now We Know: It was all a distraction

Greg Abattoir, Texas governor, has been trying to criminalize the existence of Transgender people and criminalize medical care that will save lives.  As it turns out, those hired by his regime have been caught for a second time involved in the sexual abuse of children: making child pornography, abusing children in the foster care system who had been taken out of abusive homes.

How interesting that this appears the day before Transgender Day of Visibility.  Found via Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters:

Judge calls for federal investigation of child porn allegations at Refuge facility in Bastrop County

A federal judge, expressing disappointment with Texas law enforcement, is now seeking a federal investigation into allegations of child pornography at a Bastrop County foster care facility for victims of sex trafficking.

During a virtual court hearing Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Janis Jack raised concerns about the allegations, which involve staff at the Refuge Ranch residential facility for minors. Court monitors, who are tasked with overseeing the improvements in the Texas foster care system, this week said they found holes in the investigation undertaken by Texas Rangers into the allegations.

Earlier this month, the Department of Family and Protective Services had alerted the court monitors of an urgent situation concerning the safety of children at the Refuge. The department reported that it had received several reports since Jan. 24 to the statewide intake hotline alleging sexual and physical abuse; sexual exploitation; neglectful supervision; and medical neglect at the facility.

It also reported that the incidents could also potentially involve sex trafficking of the children by staff members, including selling nude photos of the girls and providing them with drugs.

Texas also holds concentration camps where migrant children suffered systematic sexual abuse by ICE agents, the US government not bothering to do background checks.  It makes you wonder if they were intentionally hiring pedophiles.  Naturally, the US government says it’s not responsible for the actions of people it employs.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    “they found holes in the investigation undertaken by Texas Rangers into the allegations.”
    I am shocked, SHOCKED, that the Texass Rangers did not find less than angelic behavior by The Texas White Males of Power.
    Possibly the most racist tool of the White Patriarcy in America, yes, worse than the KKK, EVEN worse than J. Edgar Hoover’s personal Gestapo, is the Texass Rangers.