Music Rules: How timely

Two albums hit their fortieth anniversaries this week, and considering world events, this borders on strange coincidence.

Men Without Hats released their debut album “Rhythm Of Youth” on March 20, 1982 (link to youtube playlist).  Two of the band members are (were) brothers Ivan Doroschuk and Stefan Doroschuk, their younger brother Colin Doroschuk also playing on the album.  They are Canadians of Ukrainian descent.  While I can’t find any interviews or items with him, I’m sure Ivan Doroschuk has something to say about the invasion.  Men Without Hats were always a political band.

Iron Maiden released their third album “The Number Of The Beast” on March 25, 1982, playlist seen below.  This album is the epitome of “All killer, no filler”.  The album’s opening track “Invaders” tells the story of the 9th century Viking invasion of England, of murderers, rapists, and plunderers, and the people arming themselves to fight back.  Gee, that doesn’t sound anything like current events, does it?  The album’s first single (of two) was “Run To The Hills”, about the 19th century genocide of First Nations people in North America.

And while not on the original album release, the song “Total Eclipse” (youtube link) is included on CD reissues.  The song is about environmental collapse, how having all the wealth of the world means nothing if the planet is unlivable, something oligarchs of every country have failed to grasp.


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      The first single for the new album was posted on youtube a month or two ago. I listened and thought, “Did they rehire Will Malone as producer?” My word, the mix was terrible and Dickinson’s vocals sounded muddy.

      The last Maiden album I bought and listened to was “Seventh Son”, 1987. I parted ways after that, the early years had enough to keep me going.