Rush Day Is Coming Soon: More calendar fun

As Rush fans will tell you (“yes, they ALWAYS tell us!” I hear you respond), December 21st is deemed Rush Day because it can be abbreviated to 21/12.

However, this year is a little different since it’s 2021.  In nine days’ time, just after midday, the calendar and clock will read (using YY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS):

21/12/21 12:21:12

Have fun with it.

This year is also different because both side one and side two of “2112” have relevance to current events.  “A Passage To Bangkok” and vaccines.  “Twilight Zone” and bizarro rightwing politics.  “Lessons” and the unwillingness to learn.  “Tears” and the sense of loss.  “Something For Nothing” and arrogance of the ignorant.

Have you ever noticed the ending lyrics of the “2112” suite?  “Attention all planets of the solar federation” and “We have assumed control” are repeated three times each, 21 words and 12 words.  And if the suite clocked in at 20:39 instead of 20:36, it would have been 33 seconds short (21+12) of being 21:12 in length.