Hilarity Ensues: DickDawk (gear) shifts the blame

I keep trying to leave this topic alone….

A few days ago, Richard “Dick Dawk” Dawkins claimed to be a “victim of road rage” after a cyclist used his U lock (not a “D lock” as DD ignorantly said) to smash his car’s window.  DD is asking for “witnesses”.

The more erudite have asked him, “Why don’t you post the last ten minutes of video that the Tesla automatically recorded?”  Of course DD drives a car made by a sociopathic billionaire. . . .

DD responded “I didn’t put in a memory stick.”  Seriously?  You removed the one that comes with the car? Is this not your first incident with the car?

Some have speculated that Dear Teslima doesn’t want people to examine his driving habits.



  1. says

    Yeah, it’s fucked up to chase down cars and bash in their windows, but I have NEVER heard of this happening without the driver doing something incredibly stupid and dangerous that nearly kills a biker first.

    Odds are thus strong that this incident conforms to all, and not just some, of the regular features of similar incidents and that Dawkins very nearly killed someone before that someone (or someone who was riding with them) decided to bash in their windows.

  2. says

    Yeah, it’s fucked up to chase down cars and bash in their windows

    No, it’s not! It’s part of a necessary feedback loop.

    (says the guy who once left a knife sticking upright in a car hood after being forced onto the sidewalk on his motorcycle)
    “Hey, if you ‘didn’t notice me’ then maybe you’ll notice me now.”

  3. mcargal says

    Not sticking up for Dawkins here, but, as a Tesla owner, I feel I should point out, that, if you want to capture video, you have to install your own storage device (thumb drive, etc.) I’m pretty sure it doesn’t save the “last 10 minutes”, and you have to have the presence of mind to press an on-screen button to save video of what just happened. (Oh yeah, the storage devices, notoriously fail and/or corrupted, and have to be replaced every so often, so you may be waiting on a replacement).

    BTW, also a cyclist, who has experienced bad behaving motorists. Sympathies lie with the cyclist as the most likely aggrieved.

  4. says

    “Pursued US?” Plural? Sounds like he already has at least one witness in the car with him. Has that person gone to the police?

    Also, the cyclist allegedly fell off his bike and THEN resumed pursuit? WTF?!

  5. says

    @3: Dawks says ignorant shit on Twitter and his apologists claim he’s not really up on how Twitter works. Maybe he has the same problem with newfangled bike lanes?