A Week To Go: Then the Remembrance Day that matters

Chris Mosier is a basketball player and Transgender man.  He put together the ten images below for Transgender Awareness Week which runs from November 13 to 19, culminating in Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20.  I’ll be posting more throughout the week.

Below the fold are the other nine images, good advice for cisgender people to read and learn.

Respect isn’t difficult.  Those who won’t respect one group usually won’t respect others.


  1. Silentbob says

    This is pretty comprehensive; may I add (to cis people):

    Knock it off with “trans-identified”. Yes, some people describe themselves as trans and some don’t, but trans is not an identity per se, it describes the relationship between an identity and a label assigned at birth. For example, at trans man’s identity isn’t “trans”, it’s “man”, and by virtue of having been assigned female he is therefore transgender. So it’s ‘transgender man’, not ‘trans-identifying’ anything.

    And speaking of ‘anything’, trans people transition for a reason, so it is never appropriate to refer to a trans man as “female”, “woman”, or “girl”, including “biologically female”. If you must refer to his birth assigned sex, say exactly that: “assigned female at birth”. But usually you don’t need to because that’s what trans means. Just “transgender man” is typically all you need to say (and then only in contexts where being trans is relevant). Likewise for trans women.