There Are Bigger TERFish To Fry: The BBC should be ashamed, but they’re not

I haven’t waded in on the JAQoff/TERF “kathleenzielinski” because I planned to read everything before commenting.  But after seeing recent news, that TERF takes a back seat.  Blocked, and won’t be appearing here.



For decades, the BBC put Jimmy Savile on the air, defending and protecting him, and planning a “tribute documentary” even as the facts about his serial rape and pedophilia became public knowledge.  They knew, they enabled his crimes, they participated with their complicity.

The same is happening again.  Lily Cade was a lesbian porn performer in the UK until kicked out of the industry for just cause.   Cade is also a TERF, and (reportedly by self admission and accusations of several cis women) guilty of multiple sexual assaults.  So naturally, the BBC brought the TERF on for “balance” and let Cade call for the lynching and murdering of Transgender people, and advocating Trans people kill ourselves.  (This is the original link but twitter removed it for “violating rules”, i.e. reporting Cade’s words with screenshots.)

Once again, the BBC defends promoting a sexual predator and denigrating that individuals’ victims.  And it’s not the only recent instance of the BBC openly inciting hate towards Trans people, promoting the fiction that Trans women want to rape cis TERFs.


Adult content star Lily Cade was recently cited in a BBC article surrounding an experience that she claimed to have with a trans woman in the industry.

However, the adult actress has caused uproar online following social media claims of abuse and sexual assault within the adult industry and a personal online website named that explicitly called for the ‘cancellation’ of trans woman alongside severe hate speech and transphobia.

[. . . ]

According to a unverified Wikileaks article in November 2017, Lily also admitted to sexual assault with an apology that included “I feel ashamed now, I thought that that girls went along with me because they enjoyed it, but they did it because they felt like they couldn’t say no”.

Amazingly, the Guardian (edited by a TERF and employs several) managed to publish this item:

BBC changes online article at centre of transphobia row

The BBC has been forced to edit an article condemned as transphobic after a woman quoted in the piece described trans women as “vile, weak and disgusting” and it emerged she had previously been accused of sexual misconduct.

Standing behind its decision to publish the piece online last week – headlined “We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women” – the BBC took the decision on Thursday to remove a contribution from a former porn actor, Lily Cade, “in light of comments” she made after its publication, after a week of sustained pressure and criticism.

[. . .]

The BBC also said Cade’s admission of past “inappropriate behaviour … should have been included in the original article”.

This week more than 20,000 people signed an open letter calling for the corporation to apologise for the article, but the BBC rejected the complaints and said it was committed to covering different viewpoints in the name of impartiality.

Since the article’s publication Cade, who was quoted in the original story, published violently transphobic remarks on her website – which has been down since Wednesday – appearing to call for the “lynching” of high-profile trans women. In a statement to the Guardian, Cade said she had only attacked “personas”, not people, and said Lily Cade was also a persona.

An update added to the BBC article on Thursday reads: “We have updated this article, published last week, to remove a contribution from one individual in light of comments she has published on blog posts in recent days, which we have been able to verify.

“We acknowledge that an admission of inappropriate behaviour by the same contributor should have been included in the original article.”

[. . .]

On Wednesday Chelsea Poe, a trans porn performer, said she had told the BBC journalist behind the article that Cade had been accused of sexual misconduct and was no longer working in the porn industry, but said she had not been quoted in the piece. A source at the BBC said the journalist behind the story had spoken to Poe but an editorial judgment was made not to quote her because the general conversation was deemed not relevant to the piece.

The fact that Cade was forced out of porn for perpetrating multiple sexual assaults was deemed “not relevant to the story”.  Quelle surprise, BBC, just like Savile’s predating, raping and grooming of children for his client was deemed “not relevant” until ITV aired their story on him.

TERFs have repeatedly cited singular and dubious claims of Transgender women accused of certain actions, and falsely attributing the actions of one person to all Trans women.  (Or more likely none, since their “reports” are usually fiction and the claimed events never happened.)

Here, however, we have a proven instance of a TERF who perpetrates sexual assault and promotes violence.  From now on when I encounter TERF rhetoric, I’ll point out that Cade represents all TERFs, their mentalities and their actions.



Also note that not once did I refer to Cade as “she” yet did not insult that individual.  That was intentional.


  1. Silentbob says

    Not only did the only named source of accusations against trans women as a class turn out to be a cisgender serial rapist, but the only people I’ve seen advocating for people to try sex with people they’re not attracted to are TERFs. For example, here’s noted UK TERF Jane Clare Jones casually tweeting that lesbians should “encourage” straight women to have sex with them, days before the BBC story painting trans women as predators. The hypocrisy is incredible.

    Could you imagine if they had evidence of a trans woman saying cis women should be “encouraged” to have sex with them?! Instead all they’ve got is hearsay from a group which is on record as saying  the very existence of trans women is “violation”, and that simply saying, “trans women are women” is coercion.

    BTW Katy Montgomerie has interviewed Chelsea Poe.