Self Owned: TERFs must love serving the patriarchy

The Terrible, Egregious Racists and Fascists (TERFs) prove once again how willing they are to live down to their name, that they are willing to serve and reinforce the patriarchy that their mouths frothingly claim to oppose.

Krystal Jackson was a school teacher in Fresno, California until recently after being arrested for raping a male junior high school student.  TERFs are using Jackson’s arrest to incite hate against Transgender women.

But there’s one slight, teeny-tiny, eentsy-weentsy, itty-bitty flaw in their argument:

Jackson is a cisgender heterosexual binary woman (or “biological woman” as gender hypocritical TERF trash call themselves).  Jackson is an XX person with breasts and a vagina that devoloped in the womb, not through surgery.

The TERFs have passed judgement and ruled that Jackson “isn’t a woman, it’s a man with a penis!” because Jackson fails to meet the TERF standards of femininity and physical appearance.

From LGBTQ Nation:

“Feminists” claim child molester is transgender because her mugshot isn’t feminine enough

Anti-transgender activists on Twitter are now saying that a woman who committed a sex crime is transgender because, they argue, the alleged molester’s mugshot doesn’t look like a cis woman.

Krystal Jackson, 39, is a teacher in the Kings Canyon Unified School District in California who was arrested this past Friday, accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy three times. She is facing four counts of rape, as well as several other charges connected to the alleged sexual abuse of the minor.

Local reporting has not said that Jackson is transgender or given anyone any reason to believe that she is. And a woman who claims to have grown up in the same town as Jackson said that she is “a cis hetero woman.”

But that’s not stopping anti-transgender activists from insisting that Jackson is transgender. The activists are commonly referred to as TERFs – transgender exclusionary radical feminists. They do not share the same ideology as most of the rest of the feminist movement and work with the religious right to oppose transgender civil rights.

“Does this mean HE gets to be placed in women’s prison??” wrote a Twitter user who goes by “Mel,” referring to Jackson with “he” and apparently arguing under the assumption that Jackson is transgender and should not be housed in a women’s prison. “Yeah, but Self ID is SUCH a grand idea.”

If not for the crime involved, this story would make for hilarious reading, especially while watching TERFs fall all over themselves.  First as they rabidly attack Jackson and spew insults at Transgender people, then as they beat a hasty retreat and try to scrub their facebook and twitter pages after Jackson’s genetics were revealed.  They want to pretend that they never said things that they did and were screencaptured.  And, of course, there are also the most rabid of all, those who still claim “Jackson is a man!” even after the majority of their ilk have run away from the story.


  1. Bruce says

    Hey, I’d guess that not ALL of the TERFs are racist. A few of them might be what we could call “racism-non-conforming”. They just have to keep very quiet about their non-racism, so they don’t get exposed and ostracized by the mainstream of TERFs.
    Of course, thinking about the different flavors of awful people is like arguing about how many pinheads can dance on an angel, or something like that.

  2. garnetstar says


    PSA to Terfs: no one looks like a supermodel in a mugshot. They don’t use Instagram filters in jails.

    I am indeed sorry about the rape, but I am laughing at the TERFS anyway! Nothing like interpreting everything in the world through your own lens of bigotry, so that you literally can’t see what’s in front of your own eyes.

  3. Allison says

    They must all wear coke bottle glasses. They’re so short sighted that they can’t see what’s in front of them.

    Please let us not libel people whose eyesight requires a lot of correction. They can generally see (both literally and figuratively) better than these bigots.

    None are so blind as those that refuse to see.

  4. says

    This is the really stupid thing about all these bathroom defenders and their ideas. You cannot determine a person’s gender by their appearance, so no matter what rules you try to impose, they will inevitably fail unless you impose strip searches and blood tests on everyone trying to access gendered spaces.