It Never Ends: Canadian government racism, again

FACE?  Farce would be more like it, because it’s an absolute joke.  Individuals and entities like FACE do this because they were permitted to do impose their personal bigotry and racism upon Black Canadians.

Yes, permitted, because the government didn’t explicitly instruct, train, threaten, and warn them not to do it.  When people are left unsupervised without accountability, they can and will impose their own personal bigotries where they have no right to put them.


Black business owners raise concerns about government loan fund

Community members claim lack of transparency, intrusive questions and lack of government oversight

Some Black business people say a new government program meant to bolster Black entrepreneurship is hard to access, offers unclear repayment terms and asks invasive questions about applicants’ sexuality.

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The government contract to administer the fund was awarded to the Federation of African Canadian Economics (FACE), a non-profit incorporated in late January. The newly formed organization is headquartered in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Montreal riding of Papineau and is an umbrella organization for five black community based groups.

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Toronto-based clothing designer Julz Ossom, who also applied for funding, said he was shocked when the online application form asked him to state his sexual orientation.

“Whether you are gay, whether you are bi, heterosexual, I’m like, am I coming for money?” he said. “Because the established banks, RBC, TD, Scotia, don’t ask you these questions.”

Talent agency owner John Campbell said he was also alarmed by the question about sexual orientation. “We found many of the questions infringed upon the Canadian Human Rights Act, for example, sexual orientation and preference,” Campbell wrote in an open letter to FACE he shared with CBC News.

“The purpose of the loan was to help the community; however, the process is negatively impacting mental health.”