Let’s Play: A guessing game for you

A mass murder happened in Atlanta, Georgia.

Eight women were murdered, including four of Asian descent.

The cops “arrested” the shooter uninjured, treated with kid gloves.

Can you guess the shooter’s skin colour, gender, and sexual orientation?

Atlanta spa shootings: 8 killed at 3 Georgia spas; suspect arrested

This in the same week that a UK cop is finally arrested for the murder of Sarah Everard – but only after women protest over inaction, and cops resort to violence against unarmed peaceful protesters.  Protesters reported cops talking about physcially violating the women.

The UK cops have the ludicrous idea that putting more cops on the street will stop the violence and murder when a curfew for males and cops would do so much more.

Back to the shooter, some people on social media have been saying incel, but white trash supremacist is just as likely an explanation.  And likely, it’s both.