Did You Know: March 4th is Weird Pride Day

This is the first I’ve heard of it, too.

Thursday is being claimed as the inaugural “Weird Pride Day” (same author as below).

Weird Pride Day

The first ever Weird Pride Day is this 4th of March, 2021–03–04.

This is a day for people to embrace their weirdness, and reject the stigma associated being weird. To publicly express pride in the things that make us weird, and to celebrate the diversity of humankind.

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What should we do about it?

There is a lot of stigma attached to the concept of weirdness, and a lot of effort is spent chasing some idea of ‘normal’. This is harmful for everyone who’s perceived as weird, and that often includes immigrants, disabled people, queer and trans people and those with minority religious and ethical beliefs. It also includes just about everyone who’s neurodivergent, be they autistic, dyspraxic, dyslexic, ADHD, or otherwise different of brain. Weirdmisia — hatred of the weird — is the enemy of diversity.

I don’t know about this, though that doesn’t mean I’m against it.  To me, weird people worry about fitting in and obeying arbitrary social rules.  Normal people are honest and genuine in who they are and DGAF what other people think.

Do what makes your little heart happy and live without concern for others’ opinions.  That’s living normally.  I just wish I’d had the courage to do that decades ago.

I do like the flag, however.