How Quickly Things Change: It’s only been a month

Joe Biden was sworn in on January 20th, and on of his first actions was to mandate wearing masks in government buildings and call for increased usage elsewhere.

Worldometers: US

On January 8th, the US peaked at 308,442 new COVID-19 infections.  On January 12th, the US peaked at 4,502 deaths.

On January 14th, the US had 400,000 death from COVID-19.  On February 17th, it has 500,000.  By the end of February, the daily average of US deaths will be half was it was in January.

On January 20th, the US had over 191,000 new COVID-19 infections and 4,400 deaths.  On February 16th, the US had 63,398 new infections and 1,787 deaths.

Since January 20th, the US has seen a decline in active cases.  It is the first decline since June 10th when active cases dipped below 1.1 million for one day.

Cripes, could you imagine how many new infections and deaths per day there would be if Cheetolini were still in power?  300,000 and 5,000?

Oh, wait, there would be zero infections and deaths, because everyone would be under orders to stop talking about it or reporting it.