Face Off: How many have you collected?

Remember a few years ago when Pokemon was all the rage, everyone walking around streets with app, trying to “catch” rare pokemons and almost getting killed as they crossed the street without looking?

I never played it, I didn’t see the point.

Now I am collecting, except it’s medical masks and not Pokemons. But I still need the snowmen, pandas, pigs, and other colours and designs I’ve seen.  Bonus: entering stores to look isn’t dangerous.

Gotta mask ’em all!


  1. blf says

    Not a lot, for two reasons (in no particular order): I’ve always gone for reusable masks (and when I can find them, made from recycled materials) which means, since I’ve mostly isolated, don’t have a “large” requirement for new masks; and then also, many many of the distinctive masks I would feel comfortable wearing would have to be delivered by courier services, but I do not feel at all comfortable asking those essential workers to risk themselves for the sake of “fashion”.

  2. Bruce says

    I don’t know if orange is still the new black, but this photo proves that pink is the new infrared.