Day One Matters: Two POVs on Biden’s executive orders

Who’s POVs?  Mine, of course.  And Beau of the Fifth Column.

First, BotFC:

He points out that many of Biden’s dictums are sensible, inarguable, and should have been there already: mask mandates, eviction moratorium and student loan payments, the WHO, the Directorate of Health and Biosecurity, cancelling the 1776 KKK propaganda project, etc.  The changes to policy and positions were all expected.  The only surprise is the depths of the damage Cheetolini actually did.

At 2:40, he says, “Biden is looking for recommendations on how to achieve equity in policy making at the federal level and root out systemic racism”.  There are plenty of people (e.g. Black Lives Matter) who know what’s best and what needs to be changed (e.g. consequences for cops and NO “qualified immunity”).  The question is, will they be heard and their ideas implemented?

4:00 – “Changing policy” isn’t enough.  Abolishing ICE and the concentration camps is barely a start.  The gestapo who ran them need to be put on trial.

At 5:10, “The civil rights act is now to be interpreted by federal agencies to include prohibiting workplace discrimination based on orientation and identity.  That’s going to have immediate tangible effects.”  Yes, it will have effects, but ONLY in workplaces.  It won’t prevent evictions, denial of medical care, or denial of assistance (based on religious bigotry) that Transgender and other people still face.

At 6:45, BotFC asks why Biden did this all at once, why not space this out over three weeks?  He argues that this is a concession (read: fear) of the most progressive supporters.  As he asks at 7:45, “Which of these would you do first?  That’s it. By my way of thinking, that’s the reason he did it this way.  Because whichever one you do first, you’re going to have to justify what that one is more important than the one you’re going to do the next day, knowing that all of them are going to be done in the next three weeks.”

This addresses what I call this the “wait your turn” mentality, which has been nothing but poisonous in the past.  White feminists asked Black women for their support, then stabbed them in the back when white women got what they wanted.  Gays and lesbians asked Bisexuals, Transgender people and others for their support, then stabbed them in the back when the cis got what they wanted.

The minority groups of today know that everybody’s rights need protecting and promoting at the same time, and not have unprotected people carved into smaller and smaller minorities which face greater and greater oppression.  If “all lives matter” were a genuine statement, this is what it would mean.  All human rights and all issues need to be addressed at the same time.  Yes, there is enough space, time, money and people to do all of it.

BotFC also says at 8:25 that there are some he expected but didn’t see.  I’m expecting the space farce to be cancelled.  What “threat” is there to justify its existence?  NASA and the ESA are sufficient.  And if there was anything about Planned Parenthood funding or women’s health care and right to abortion, BotFC didn’t mention it.  And I hope BotFC is right, that there will be more to come.

Second, mine:

In the “state of the union”, Biden blathered about “unity”, but I suspect he knows that unanimity is more important.  And the only way to get that from the general public is to make their lives better immediately and over the next year.  When those who backed Cheetolini realize just how bad his decisions were, how much damage could have been prevented, they may just change their tune.  The stimulus cheques, the mask mandate, vaccine rollout and other decisions will have an effect within six months.   And when they do, it will be very hard for the republicans to take credit or MAGAmaniacs to criticize.

I also suspect Biden knows he’s a one term president – not because he couldn’t be re-elected, but because at 78 he knows he likely won’t survive four years.  As VP for eight, he knows first hand the stress of the job and that he will probably die in office.  He wants to build and cement a legacy quickly, one that will be remembered (he does have an ego, after all).   This will include a massive senate majority in 2022 almost a certainty and making Harris easily re-electable in 2024 (he is a political animal, after all).

Clinton has been  referred to as the “rock and roll” president, Bush the “C student” president, and Obama the Black president.  I suspect Biden knows he needs to be the Intersectional president.  As BotFC noted, many of the executive orders are related to human rights.  I suspect that Black Lives Matter, First Nations people (re: the cancelled oil pipeline), LGBTQIA people (especially Transgender people and our allies) and others won’t be satisfied with Biden winning.  They all now expect things to be done, and will be working together to push Biden to do it.

Cheetolini should go down in history as the “bottomless pit” president for his never ending depths of depravity and inhumanity.  He wasn’t the first racist, rapist, fascist or thief, but he was all things and more to all the bottom feeders.