I Have Been Down, Lately….

Important matters matter, but world headlines of the last three months (hell, year) have worn me out.  I keep watching, can’t change what’s happening, and can’t look away.

Also, the survivor’s guilt is getting to me.  Back in March, April, May, I was laughing about how normal things are here.  Now it’s not funny at all as the number of friends directly affected keep piling up.  I doubt anyone checked the time zones and time of posts or comments, but I’m not sleeping well.  It’s 6AM here now, and I still haven’t been to bed.  It’s like that most nights for months.

For the immediate future, I’m sticking to frivolous and fun stuff just so I don’t implode.


  1. Jazzlet says

    I am having to have days off from the news, if I don’t I end up staying up for too long and crashing so my body enforces a day off. I hope you can get through this in one piece. I hope we all can.