Self, Determined: I’ll bet he gets Mexico-mmunicated

Well, this is a turn up for the books.  The day after Argentina changed its laws on abortion, Mexico’s president weighed in on the abortion debate with an intelligent response.

Women should decide whether to legalize abortion, Mexican president says

Mexico’s president said on Thursday that women should decide whether the country should legalize abortion, but he declined to take a position on the issue, which is still opposed by many Mexicans.

One day after the Argentine Senate voted to make abortion legal, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was asked during a news conference whether he thought his country should follow suit.

[. . .]

“It’s a decision for women,” Lopez Obrador said, adding that mechanisms existed to organize referendums. “It’s just that matters of this nature should not be decided from above.”

Maybe the dominos start to topple across Latin America, and women finally get what we’ve been demanding all this time: bodily autonomy.

As for Lopez Obrador, you can be certain that the cardinals and bishops will be calling for his excommunication.

If they’re not too busy dealing with all the pedopriests who raped children for decades.  Stained glass houses, and all that.