Waiting To Happen: Opening this will definitely be a surprise

“Go along with it?”  The NRA is Negligent, Rapacious, and Arrogant.  Again.

If a gun nut’s spouse hates guns, this will end in an argument and ruin the party.

If the kids don’t see it, they’ll spend days trying to look without permission.

If the kids do see it, they’ll spend every day trying to get their hands on it.

If the kids do get their hands on it, somebody is going to get injured or killed.


  1. Bruce says

    As is said in the USA, buy the hand grenade you want, say it’s from Santa, and your family will have to keep it, or you will spoil the fun of the kids getting to blow up their family.
    Yet, try to buy a flamethrower or a nuke and people will think you’re crazy.
    Santa, these days!

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