Nothing To Say: Brandy Vaughn died of undisclosed causes

Found via Things Anti-Vaxxers Say on facebook.

For those not familiar with the name, Brandy Vaughn was an anti-vaxxer fanatic who founded “learn the risk” and peddled Andrew Fakewield’s fictions.  The story hasn’t hit the corporate media yet, but anti-vaxxer fanatics are all over this, some already claiming “she was murdered to silence her!”  No, she was irrelevant to “big pharma”.  They probably won’t even notice.  There is only rumour thus far about cause of death and where she died, so I won’t include them.

Final note: I mention this not to mock or laugh at her death.  This is a heads up on what’s to come, since this will undoubtedly make the news just as the first COVID-19 vaccines roll out.  I’m sure all the anti-vaxxers and trumpkins will latch onto this.


  1. endurovet says

    I’m not trying to mock her death either – and of course my heart bleeds for her 9-yr old son, who found his mother’s lifeless body. Being FB friends with a couple of anti-vaxxers, I see some of the controversy already swirling – but from my brief skim of her website, I’d lay odds that her death is attributable to alcohol +/- pharmaceuticals. A sad & premature end but not “murder most foul”.

    • missmommamimi says

      Wow.. no her death was not caused by pharmaceutical drugs because she did not take ANY pharmaceutical drugs. Her death also wasnt caused by her doing through lack of care, alcohol abuse, drugs, or suicide. What a pathetic and ignorant comment to even make clearly about someone you have simply have zero understanding or knowledge of. If you dont have the time or desire to at least take the time to know what this woman was about than dont take the time to be so gross and leave a comment with your opinion on how she died.

  2. markgp says

    Why the “Trumpist” swipe ? I’m a Trump supporter and I’m not anti vax. Operation warp speed is the Trump administration. I realize Biden will steal the credit like he did the election but the Trump administration warp speed brings us a vaccine. What I do oppose is forced vaccination. No human being should be subject to any medical treatment without informed consent.