My Take: She has no friends here (aside from the flying monkeys)

It has been a day since I had time to write, so I’ve been taking time to think about a reply to recent events and posts by Marcus Ranum and Mano Singham about a certain former FtB blogger.

Benson erroneously assumed that because MR and MS don’t regularly speaking about or for Transgender people that they must somehow automatically be against us.  That makes me wonder if she interacted with either of them while she was here.  In their posts and replies to my comments, they have always referred to me and others by name and pronouns, welcomed and treated us always with respect (*).  Given that she has flying monkeys who read and snoop under multiple names (as readily demonstrated by Giliell and others) and possibly keeps reading herself, one would think she would know this.  The continued obsession with FtB after this long is astounding.

(* She can’t see the back channel anymore, but it’s the same story there.)

I was debating with myself: What could I say about her after five years of not talking or thinking about her that would be true but not inappropriate?

Five years of not talking about her.  Yes, that’s it.  She’s irrelevant.  I’ll go back to not thinking of nor talking about her.