Music Rules: Black Sabbath, fifty years on

It’s shocking to think it was fifty years ago, but Black Sabbath unleashed their debut album on February 13, 1970.  Raise your fists and show me your horns.  The video below is a playlist of the full album.

Black Sabbath invented Heavy Metal, and their first album had all the common elements except for speed.  Ozzy Osbourne’s operatic vocals, Tony Iommi’s heavy and memorable riffs and virtuoso guitar solos, Geezer Butler’s bass performing melodies and replacing rhythm guitar, and Bill Ward’s thundering bass drums.  But most importantly, they had the songs. From the beginning, they were creating classics that still stand up fifty years later.

Some people hate Heavy Metal, and that’s okay.  Nobody’s forcing anyone to listen to other people’s choices…except the majority that listen to the same top 40 pablum and record companies that want to sell it.


  1. Dunc says

    I’d say it’s still the best heavy metal album ever made. (Runners up: Paranoid, Master of Reality.) Sabbath were the best, and they were still the best when they finally hung it up a couple of years back.

    • says

      Yes… I agree with you. The music album is one of a few that may never fade away.
      One thing I like about the album is the coordinated lyrics of the individual songs that made it up.

  2. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    This morning:

    Me: Oh, Black Sabbath’s first album is 50 today.
    12-year-old daughter: Who’s Black Sabbath?
    Me: You know, “War Pigs.”
    Daughter (makes metal hand): YEEEAAAHHHHHHHH!!!