Godwin Loses: Dishonest D’souza lives down to his name. Again.

Are rightwingnuts so oblivious to and incapable of coherent argument and fact checking that they assume everyone is oblivious to and incapable of coherent argument and fact checking?

Today, in one of his most inept, clueless and contradictory posts on twitter, Dishonest D’souza equated environmental activist and all-round wonderful human being Greta Thunberg as a nazi.  Literally, a nazi, because of her appearance, and by extension he’s inferring that all environmentalists and climate change protesters are nazis.

From the above link to Dishonest’s twitter account:

This isn’t just Godwin, it’s god-lose. Even for Dishonest, inciting hate against a child is a low blow.  Given Jack Dorsey’s history of “free speech until I disagree with you or it costs me money”, it’s unlikely that D’souza’s account will be removed.

D’souza must be starved for attention because he doesn’t block those who disagree with him.  The criticism and takedowns of his latest blunder are strong and accurate.


  1. blf says

    Teh fruitcake might want to know real nazis are also attacking her, Germany’s AfD turns on Greta Thunberg as it embraces climate denial (this is from several months ago, before the EU elections):

    Germany’s rightwing populists are embracing climate change denial as the latest topic with which to boost their electoral support, teaming up with scientists who claim hysteria is driving the global warming debate and ridiculing the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg as “mentally challenged” and a fraud.

    The Alternative für Deutschland party (AfD) is expected to launch its biggest attack yet on mainstream climate science at a symposium in parliament on Tuesday [May 14th] supported by a prominent climate change denial body linked by researchers to prominent conservative groups in the US [Heartland Institute].


    The party, whose members have been seen handing out climate change denial leaflets at school climate strikes, has ratcheted up its anti-Thunberg rhetoric ahead of the EU parliamentary elections this month. Its candidates have made comparisons between the Swedish teenager and a member of a Nazi youth organisation and called for her to seek treatment for what Maximilian Krah, an AfD candidate for the EU elections, called her “psychosis”.

    It has also been repeatedly claimed on AfD’s Facebook page that she is the leader of a climate movement cult. Posts on the page make repeated use of terms such as “CO2Kult” (CO2 cult), “Klimawandelpanik” (climate change panic) and “Klimagehirnwäsche” (climate brain washing).


  2. StevoR says

    Awful – and not the first reichwing attack on her by Murdoch shills & reality denialists. For example, Australian polemicist, shockjock, TV host, newspaper opinion piece spewer and convicted racial villifier Andrew Bolt as discussed & rightly criticised here.

    WARNING : Contains Bolt’s ableist rantings incl persecution of blaming of mentally illness,


    Transcript should work at least even if video doesn’t? I think and hope. Note toothementionof Bolt’s hypocrisyand the general reichwing tendancy to demand “freezepeach!” for themselves whilst trying to howl down and deny those they disagree with a voice.