Service Denied: Where does privilege end and freedom of speech begin?

The video below, from August 2019, asks whether and how websites can be shut down for objectionable content and the actions of their users.

To their credit, website hosting and domain registration companies are genuinely thinking about the consequences of shutting down websites, are trying not to advocated a political position (unlike the pro-rightwing extremism of reddit, fascistbook and twitter).  They are asking for acceptable and reasonable guidelines for them to work within.  If speech that is hateful can be silenced by democratic governments (e.g. 8chan, stormfront), then peaceful speech can be silenced by oppressive governments too (e.g. antifa, environmentalists, BDS).

This is why I like Canada’s laws on hate speech and not the US’s.  There is a well-defined line between acceptable speech and criminal speech, one that doesn’t exist in the US.  The fact that almost everyone who opposes Canada’s laws is a violent political extremist and racist tells me it’s probably a good law.

But…”dextriarchy”?  Talk about biased and ableist language.