Left Handed: August 13th is International Left Handers Day

Yes, it’s that time of year again, time to speak up for the one large minority that still has no voice.  While it is true that Left Handed People are unlikely to be murdered for their handedness (except in places where they still believe in and kill “witches”), it’s still a form of discrimination that society tolerates.

Yes, discrimination.  North America, Western Europe, and Australia/New Zealand may not openly discriminate or look down on being left handed, but the rest of the world still does.  It’s considered “rude”, “dirty”, “disrespectful” and other nonsense, and the abuse of forced hand switching still considered “acceptable”.

Yes, abused.  The bias against and forced hand switching of left handed children is the original “reparative therapy”, a form of emotional, physical and mental abuse.  If you’re against “reparative therapy” being imposed upon LGBTQIA people, why aren’t you against it being imposed upon left handed children?  (And if you aren’t against “reparative therapy”, what’s wrong with you?)

#leftiesrule  #internationallefthandersday

Below the fold are several sections on left handedness: resources, campaigns, information, groups, and others.  A second post will contain news and scientific articles with commentary.

The website Printable Paper offers PDFs to download.  There are pages with angled lines for left handed writers:

Form Birds also offers slanted papers for printing and writing left handed.

The Handedness Research Institute provides PDF posters as part of its campaign to change attitudes:

  • Left Handed Writing : A guide to aligning paper for comfort and legibility.
  • Wrong Desk : Schools, colleges and universities have an obligation to buy hand neutral desks (e.g. rectangular).
  • Half Desks Hurt : Desks built solely for right handers don’t just put Left Handers at an educational disadvantage, they are uncomfortable and can cause back injuries.

They also provide useful articles on handwriting and desks.

On Youtube, there are several good videos on improving left handed handwriting.

There are online resources for writing as well.

There are many facebook groups for left handed people.

Here are a list of online stores that sell stationery, housewares, utensils and other products specifically for left handed people.

The Left Handers Day website is owned by Anything Left Handed and leads back to that site.

Many left handed people have the ability to read or write upside down, backwards, and mirrored, often in combination.  I’m a rarity in that I can read and write all three simultaneously.

If you want to play mind games with those who aren’t left handed (or anyone in general), try these sites:

  • Spell Backwards : A website that does exactly what it says. (.syas ti tahw yltcaxe seod taht etisbew A)
  • Upside Down Text : Again, a website with a literal title. (˙ǝlʇᴉʇ lɐɹǝʇᴉl ɐ ɥʇᴉʍ ǝʇᴉsqǝʍ ɐ ‘uᴉɐƃ∀)
  • Flip Your Text : This one goes the extra kilometre, offering multiple effects at once.  (ꓕμᴉƨ ouԍ მoԍƨ ϝμԍ ԍxϝʁɑ ĸᴉɼowԍϝʁԍˋ oɻɻԍʁᴉuმ cμɑuმԍƨ ᴉu ɻouϝ ɑuq wnɼϝᴉbɼԍ ԍɻɻԍcϝƨ ɑɼɼ ɑϝ oucԍ·)

Finally, links to my previous years’ posts on the subject.

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