Why Leave? : There’s no place like home

InterNations’ Expat Insider has published its report for 2018 and lists Taiwan as #1 in the world for quality of life of its citizens, and #2 for expats living in the country.

Note that the report lists Taiwan as a country.  More and more international companies are kowtowing to the mass murdering dictatorship in Beijing, writing “Taiwan, CN” on their business websites.  Taiwanese and foreigners alike applauded United Airlines for listing New Taiwan Dollar on their website, not lumping Taiwan in with China.

Note also that the report completely ignores anyone outside the cishetero gender binary.  There is not one mention of LGBTQIA people and issues of human rights and protections.  This should be included for all countries – and as it turns out, one on which Taiwan also ranks high.

I really need to get my rear in gear and finish off my application for permanent residency.