History Rebuffed: A Japanese historical revisionist violated a statue dedicated to comfort women

A historical revisionist group calls itself the “Alliance for Truth”? It sounds more like it has a dalliance with truth. In both definitions of the word.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised or shocked that rightwing extremists still want to rewrite history, but Mitsuhiko wasn’t even born when the crimes happened. His isn’t evasion of responsibility, but it is a failure of education.  Utterly disgusting.

Video shows Japanese nationalist kick comfort woman statue in southern Taiwan

Less than a month after statue dedicated to Taiwanese “comfort women” of World War 2 was unveiled in Tainan, surveillance video footage has emerged of a Japanese representative of a comfort women denier group appearing to deliberately kick the statue.

At 9:30 p.m. yesterday, Tainan City Councilor Hsieh Lung-chieh on his Facebook page posted a still image showing Mitsuhiko Fujii, a representative of the historical revisionist group the Alliance for Truth about Comfort Women, appearing to kick the statue. This morning, Hsieh posted the surveillance video dated Sept. 6 showing Fujii extending his left heel and making contact with the statue, while a photographer, apparently from his organization, documented the disrespectful act.