Counter Protest: Saturday December 10, in Taipei

Saturday afternoon in Taipei, there will be a public counter-protest to last week’s marches by jackbooted thugs that have happened in Taiwan recently.  The bigots shipped people city to city to pretend there are more of them than actually exist (claiming “200,000 people!” while double and triple counting).

Now it’s the turn of those wanting marriage equality to be heard and show our true numbers. I most definitely will be in attendance tomorrow, along with most of the people I know, non-binary and binary. Next Saturday’s LGBTQIA pride parade in Taichung will also be a counter-protest, though I regret that I won’t be able to go.

Unlike the theocrats who had weeks to organize their hate campaign, this protest has only been in the works since Monday.  Thus far, the numbers of people “Going” on facebook are comparable to the numbers at the bigots’ events.  And then there’s the unknown number of people who aren’t on facebook but will show up as well.

“Let Life Go No Longer, Stand Up for Marriage”

December 10 (Saturday) 1:00 pm admission, 3:00 pm start

Ketagelan Boulevard in Taipei

As so often happens, the anti-LGBTQIA bigots have been using “think of the children!” as their rallying cry, inferring that non-binary people are somehow a “threat” to kids rather than the priests who have been molesting them.  As I said the other day, religious hypocrites and zealots call LGBTQIA people “promiscuous”, yet it is the religious who are so promiscuous that they will get into bed with anybody to further their agendas.  If they cared about children, they would be acting to keep kids safe, not endanger them with more home and school abuse which has long been a problem in Taiwan’s socially conservative culture.


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    As of 9PM Taiwan time (GMT+8), the crowd was estimated to be between 200,000 and 250,000, more than the anti-democracy zealots could manage in total over several days.