Mansplaining to men about why they should care about everyday sexism

I was asked to write something for our local Men’s Health Magazine* website, about men’s role in everyday sexism. I’ve long been saying that more men’s magazines should have pieces showing support for women and the issues they face – especially ones perpetuated by men.

This might sound contradictory but that highlights a problem: issues where women suffer the most are no less social issues that should concern us all because women are affected more.

Anyway, it was great of them to want this kind of piece. Yay, progress!

*Not ALL Men’s Health Magazines.


  1. John Morales says

    Nice, Tauriq, and good on the magazine for publishing it.

    I must admit I when I followed your link I expected you to have framed it in terms of enlightened self-interest, but upon reading it I think that, if you did, it was very subtly.