Gamers are angry and they need to grow up

After dealing with trolls for an entire day – thanks to a certain prominent atheist with a million followers Retweeted me on Anita Sarkeesian – I had my article on the same issue go live. I looked at what happened when Joss Whedon and Tim Schafer endorsed Sarkeesian, what men (and non-targeted people in general) can and must do – even if misogyny and sexism appears to be a dying animal. It’s cornered beast but still has claws.


  1. says

    The problem is that many of the screamers and abusers are grown-ups. Which is why I don’t particularly like the “act your age” or “grow up” argument. Bad behavior is not the exclusive province of the young, nor is good behavior that of the mature.

    Perhaps you could simply say “stop acting so nasty”?

  2. angharad says

    Thanks for writing about this, Tauriq. I’ve actually found it very heartening that some prominent geek men have been speaking up on this issue. It feels like progress.

    BTW Phil Fish is another well known (ish) game dev who recently came under fire for supporting Zoe Quinn