Delusion Collapse

So that sense of reality overtook the optimism I was feeling fresh out of surgery, before the two ambulance rides to the emergency room and my subsequent back problems.  Realistically, I’m not going to be able to accomplish shit with this time off from work.

That’s always depressing when reality gets in the way of inspiration.  I’m not feeling so hot.  I can barely wipe my ass in the state I’m in.  How is your week going?


  1. Oggie: Mathom says

    How is your week going?

    A lot better than yours.

    I have had weeks (months?) like yours. Due to an accident at work, I had to have three cervical vertebrae fused or lose the use of my right hand. And my back, which I broke falling off a cliff at work a couple of years before, went out. Completely out. To the point that oxy didn’t work. And then I discovered that the surgery on my neck had damaged a nerve on the other side of my neck and it felt like I had broken my shoulder. Neck, back, and now shoulder. Three years later, I am still not recovered, but have regained most of the use of my right hand. And I ended up retired about a decade before I intended.

    So, yeah, I have had bad weeks. But I have also learned that comparing pain, comparing injuries, comparing surgery, comparing trauma (physical or psychological), is contra-indicated. So I have no idea if your experience is worse than mine or not.

    You have my (albeit useless) sympathy. Good luck on your recovery. I hope it goes faster than mine did.

  2. Jazzlet says

    Operations take a lot out of you, even with laproscopic surgery you have literally been assaulted, a necesary assault of course, but it is still a lot of damage and healing really does take a lot of energy.

    I’ve been watching thunder storms, and being frusrated that they haven’t bought the temperature down much, but they are fun to watch. Dealing with not-my-normal GP was not fun, the woman is obsessed with reducing my tramadol intake, which fine that was why I was moved on to pregabalin, but I’ve not been on that long enough to see a clear pattern so lets wait a while before trying to stop me using a drug that does actually make a difference to my pain, unless you have a suggestion for something else that will work hmm? Oh you don’t? There’s a surprise. Every. Fucking. Time.

  3. says

    oggie – gotdam pardner. can u wipe your ass at this point? if not, what’s the arrangement? u don’t have to answer that. my own maneuvers have been awkward and unpleasant.

    jazzle – i’m currently fortunate to not have chronic pain in my life, just situational shit. respeck.

  4. Oggie: Mathom says

    gotdam pardner. can u wipe your ass at this point?

    Actually, that was never a real problem. The biggest problem was actually moving my bowels after morphine and then oxycodone.

  5. Matt G says

    @4- Can confirm. I had my hip replaced last summer, and my appendix out in January. Opioids did nothing for me except obstruct that big tube in the middle of my body.

  6. says

    i’ve been using a small dose of oxycodone as well, small enough laxatives helped offset the effect for a bit, which then left me with the problem of wiping. fortunately I can do it a bit better now. still tricky.

    but yeah, comments sections like this are a good reminder why advocacy for the disabled is hugely important. bodies are treacherous as fuck.

  7. Oggie: Mathom says

    I’m doing okay, now. Injections every three months for the broken back, Flexeroll for the back. Not much I can do about the neck — bone pain where the screws are put in. The only thing that works is sleep. Melatonin or Scotch. Or rum. Or tequila. Or good beers (but those tend to activate the OMB (Old Man Bladder). But, on the bright side, I have a private parking spot on a public street (HC plate) and I have amazing amounts of time with my granddaughters. Of course, Daniel Tiger and Pinkalicious have been invading my dreams . . . .

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