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    I am worrying today, as well as yesterday and several days prior. Russia is a bully led by a ruthless autocrat. It must be stopped, but I do not think it is possible. Nobody wants a war, but Russia will only respect any treaty if it is backed by military power.

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    This is definitely more worrisome than that time all sorts of goofball USA peeps were sweating about North Korea’s nukes. Also looks like China took immediate note of how Russia might get away with this and decided to ratchet up its desires to grab Taiwan. Why must the world be run by motherfuckers?

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    Playing Atomicrops. I’m sticking to this one off of the phone to get better at bullet hell type games. I don’t know about the trading roses for relationship advancement mechanic. It’s definitely a problem with Furryosa, it undermines Furiosa’s dynamic. And purchasing polyamory as a mechanic?
    Otherwise farming and scavenging is fun.

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    It is intense.
    A central farm surrounded by 4 different biomes that yield different seeds when dropped by various enemies and wildlife during the day, and night when they raid your farm.

    You spend part of the day tilling soil and planting seeds. Fertilizing 4 small plants into single big ones that sell for more cashews. The rest of the day is scavenging and rescuing farm animals in the biomes for power ups and turrets in addition to everything else. With the exception of morning in town where supplies can be bought, the entire time one is spent dodging or dodging and farming.

    3 day/night cycles is a “season” with a boss fight for each season and a battle with nuclear winter at the end (flips the damage dynamic, harvest plants to damage). Arachnophobes should beware one of the winter bosses.

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