Skeptisuck – Harriet Hall Time

HJ doesn’t do comments at his blog, but his recent article about Harriet Hall – concluded with a simply told bit of news that makes the more well-loved end of the skeptisphere a lot less lovable – cries out for comment.  If you wanna rip on Harriet Hall, or her pals Steven Novella and David Gorski, or whatever, I invite you to make the comments on this post into your mosh pit.


  1. John Morales says

    David Gorski — he of Respectful Insolence fame?

    Great blogger. Good posts.

    I’ve already told HJ what I think of his comment policy; he claims one can always email him.

    I just don’t read his blog, due to that.

  2. sarah00 says

    I don’t find Steve Novella’s placating at all surprising. I used to listen to the SGU but stopped after they repeatedly refused to address the very credible claims of harassment in the skeptical movement and continued to platform people who had been credibly accused of sexual assault. My impression was that seemed to think that “keeping the peace” is more important than standing up for what is right.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    Irony overload:

    While Hall is keen to stay in the good graces of those she admires and considers authorities, she’s pledged to ignore all who would dare critique her.

    SBM’s retraction resulted in a flood of comments and a brouhaha of controversy that I have decided to stay out of. I am observing a strict “no comment” policy.

    – on a blog with a strict “no comment” policy. (Akshully, otherwise I don’t disagree with Hornbeck about this at all…)

  4. says

    Ehhh… most of these comments suck. Guess the dregs of people interested in movement skepticism are as uninteresting as the movement itself was in its prime. This was a waste of time, comments closed.