First Draft of The Septagram, Finished!

Anyone interested in reading a fairly rough draft of my complete new novel The Septagram, have at it.  There aren’t an egregious number of typos and such, just writing that will surely need a lot of care in subsequent drafts.  I have a problem not giving character’s distinctive enough voices.  Not all the time, not every character, but I think it happened here.

It’s a little shorter than a Dean Koontz novel.  This was an attempt to make a horror-themed supernatural adventure story in a style like Hideyuki Kikuchi, who wrote Vampire Hunter D and Wicked City – so take from that what you will.  The content warnings are at the link.  I wasn’t as scrupulous in my anti-ableist language stance as usual, so bear that in mind as well.  Bon appetit!


  1. voyager says

    Great read. I’ve just finished part 2 and I’ll be up late reading more.
    Compelling narrative, well-paced and great tension. The scene with Bezos was fabulous – if only, eh?
    My only comment is about the character of Maddy. I found it creepy that a girl old enough to drive would still call her father Daddy and found Dad’s overuse of snookums and Princess equally jarring.

  2. says

    Thanks voyager! On the Maddy/Daddy thing, I’m aware of the pervy types that makes use of that lingo and how much it bothers people. I have those as blacklisted terms on tumblr to avoid accidentally reblogging something from one of those people and bothering people accidentally. But I thought it would be funny to make a completely innocent version – the kind of thing you see sometimes IRL which disgusts you in a nonsexual way, like, stop being so twee u bastards. They’re inspired by some characters from a horror movie, see if anyone can guess which.

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