Weather Stormy

(to the tune of “Stormy Weather, of course)

He’s a man
But I don’t know if he can
Weather Stormy
Every bit of news here before me
More coming all the time

Had his fill
But I don’t know if he will
Weather Stormy
Starts a war to say “Just ignore me”
More coming all the time

When the story broke, it saturated cable
(Everywhere but FOX–to them it’s but a fable)
The president was tweeting, just as fast as he was able:
“This is fake news once more!”

Can’t go on
Every pundit asks “Can Don
Weather Stormy?”
Never thought this scandal could bore me
More coming all the time

For me, it’s Lena Horne, but there are about a bajillion wonderful versions of “Stormy Weather” out there if you don’t know the tune.

My combination of knowledge and ignorance is a frightening thing these days; I know that my bias has me seeing all sorts of hopeful bits of news, that the Tangerine Menace will implode, that the Majority Leaders in Congress will do the right thing… but they continue to treat everything as, if not “business as usual”, at least business as acceptable. There does not appear to be a line that can be crossed, at which point McConnell will suddenly say “this is too far!” Hell, McConnell’s thievery of court seats is something he is proud of!

But there is a lawyer who is not playing that game. (He’s playing others, I am sure.) Stormy Daniels’s lawyer is not someone I would want on the opposing team if I were a Trump. And Daniels herself is far better on Twitter than the POTUS is (I dream of the time when he snaps, goes on a Tweetstorm rampage against her, only ending when they break down the bathroom door and snatch the iPhone from his little fingers).

In other news (if you have read this far, you might well be a regular), things are not bad. Returning to normal. No real idea whether that means returning to verse, though.


  1. StevoR says

    Seconded and glad things are improving for you.

    I don’t think there’s much if any doubt that Stormy Daniels would actually make a much better choice for POTUS than Trump.

  2. says

    I’m glad things are improving and you will be coming back, I have missed you!

    So for once I’m glad that things are going from bad to verse.

  3. Die Anyway says

    Ahhh, retrospect.
    Moscow Mitch finally said that Trump was responsible for the insurrection…but then did absolutely nothing about it. Michael Avenati pulled some bonehead move and got himself disbarred and jailed. Stormy Daniels just faded into the background.

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