The Donald’s Lament

I’m doing my best to get ousted–I’ve jousted
With media losers, and dirtied my lance
In trying to end up defeated, I’ve tweeted
The stupidest garbage, but still I’ve advanced!
I should have been hung out to dry now, so why now
Is everyone bowing, and kissing my ass?
Ah, look–there are things which, as POTUS, I’ve noticed,
And one observation is clearer than glass:

The GOP leaders are cool with my rule–with
The things I’ve been doing, the lines I have crossed.
They could, if they wanted to stop me, just drop me
A memo to say they are through being bossed.
I’m striving to show they can’t teach me–impeach me!
Cos otherwise, I’ll just harass and abuse!
McConnell and Ryan don’t mind me–they find me
A useful distraction, supporting their views!


Ah, poor Donald. How many lines does he have to cross? How many “but if he does *this*…” does he have to see in his rear-view mirror? The GOP are doing him a huge disservice–he has been crying out for help since halfway through the primary race! Won’t somebody help him return to the private sector?

Also, my apologies–there are so many more immediately important things to be talking about. This particular one is evergreen, but we are in a world where the news cycle now works much faster than I do. The verdict in the Philando Castile killing, for example, is far more immediately relevant; this is the problem when one writes in verse.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    It is late and most of my neighbours are university students, so when I declaimed this from my back porch, I got no reaction.
    I quite like it.

  2. StevoR says

    No reaction.
    People are numb.
    Superpower leader elected by dumb.
    Not an insult just let us be real.
    His voters have brains
    That are simply diarrhoeal.
    Trump twitters the vilest
    Yet is ever defended
    By deplorable scumbags
    Whose reality has bended
    They cannot see reason or empirical fact
    Their minds are so warped and in empathy lacked.
    So what now and where now and how now can we go?
    Jeebus, oh fuck now, does our present world blow?!

  3. StevoR says

    (Not in any good way either.)

    Fucking hell.

    Donald laments how the media treat him.
    Imagine if he were where the people he’s beating?
    Scapegoating and hurting and being a vile douche.
    Imagine if Trumpy could see any truth?

  4. cazfans says

    You seem to have fallen off the edge of the earth. Hope that you are just happily too busy.

  5. StevoR says

    @ ^ cazfans : Seconded by me. Digital Cuttlefish, please can you let us know you’re okay? Hope you are and best wishes from me.

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