It Goes Without Saying, There Was No Logical Reason

Today, our commander in chief
Re-assessed scientific belief:
Unbelieving the facts,
Made a cut with his axe,
Plunging most of the world into grief.
In a world where we’re looking for hope—
Some believing it’s too late to cope—
An announcement like this
Feels like all is amiss
Useless steps down a slippery slope.
Come tomorrow, we’ll rejoin the fight
Knowing this above all—this ain’t right!
It’s a fight we must win—
No distortion nor spin—
Global climate, you know, isn’t trite!
It’s the end of the world as we—no!
Donald Trump, though, why, he’s got to go
If he can’t see the worth
Of our poor planet Earth
Then it’s high time we cancelled his show.


If you share this (share it everywhere!), make sure to put the initial letters in bold, or a larger (or illuminated!) font, or some nice contrasty color… otherwise, it’s a pretty useless verse.

I used to do these a lot–usually sonnets, though. Thinking back, though, I can’t remember doing any as Cuttlefish. Might have to pick up the habit again. After all, no less than Edgar Allan Poe used to use this trick, to send secret messages. Plus, it’s fun.


  1. raym says

    The truly remarkable thing is that you guessed my password! How’d you do that? :-)


  1. […] Because I like writing rhymes I follow a website by Cuttlefish, as he calls himself, a prolific rhymer who seems to churn out rhymes effortlessly. I don’t always share his point of view but admire his ability to produce timely, clever responses to current situations. A recent one, on Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement, is not only a clever rhyme but spells out a message with the first letter of every line. Read it here. […]

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