Day One: Trump (Through Spicer) Lies, Officially.

So, Spicer (and Trump) are caught lying, denying
The things we could see with our very own eyes;
Of course, Trump would find “ours is bigger” a trigger
(The man has some sort of fixation with size).
But everyone knows, for this rally, the tally
Was larger than his was–a vast sea of pink!
So Trump made a move like some Cheeto Benito:
Control what they’re told, you control what they think

The truth, though, is Trump is outnumbered–he’s blundered–
He’s shown us his weakness (his ego, of course);
It’s all about size (what I mean is, his penis)
He’s starting to wonder: am I the right horse?
We’re seeing now–Trump’s second-rated, or hated,
And those who defend him are forced into lies.
So, yes–we are putting on notice the POTUS,
Or tyranny wins, and democracy dies.

What a normal person might do is say “the numbers tell me I need to work hard to earn your approval; here are my plans to work toward that end.” Trump, though, cannot stand the fact (yes, fact) that Obama’s crowds were bigger than his.

And on the major networks, they still have paid Trump surrogates making ludicrous cases for Trump. Lying through their teeth, claiming not to know or care about the numbers (Trump, of course, both knows and cares), pretending that no one knows they are pretending.

Keep notes. Remember.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    “Alternative facts” will clearly be the byword for the next four years. That’s a term that would have made George Orwell stand up and salute, I suspect.

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