My Inaugural Poem

Come out for The Donald, ye every last chump,
Who found yourself reasons and voted for Trump!
With gold-plated ego, his own horn a-tootin’,
He swept from his tower, assisted by Putin.
Now the cry has gone up, and grows louder each day
From the citizens: “Please, can Obama just stay?”

I think I’ll leave it there; neither Trump nor the poem deserve more time. Any who want to complete more of it, you can find the original here, at Pharyngula.


  1. says

    My contribution, set to a fittingly fascist tune (bonus points if you can guess which one!):

    The Trump arrives
    The masses are not cheering;
    The Trump arrives
    with kleptocratic friends.
    The electors did decide
    against the nation’s voters.
    The Trump arrives
    To general dismay.

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