It’s The Holy (*Sniff*) Spirit (*Sniff*)!

Trump is filled with Holy Spirit
You can tell, cos you can hear it
Every time the thin-skinned orange bigot sniffs
See, when folks start acting strangely
It’s because they’ve gone all angel-y
Says Pat Robertson (no ands, no buts, no ifs)

I’m assuming, thus, hereafter
That the audience’s laughter
Is a portent of the Holy Spirit, too—
And if Trump should set to barking
(or some territory-marking)
He’s just doing what the Spirit says to do.

Though I hear there’s some debatin’—
Was it God, or was it Satan?
(Reverend Pat is not unbiased, we should note)
So… I’ll tell, you —on the level—
Just in case Trump fronts the Devil,
For the sake of all that’s sacred… better vote!

Via Amanda Marcotte on Twitter, digby has the answer as to why Trump was sniffing during the debate! Oops, digby is likewise citing someone else–the bizstandard news, and writer Kevin Schiaffino, who tells us what Pat Robertson believes is the reason for Donald’s frequent sniffing:

“Trump sniffing may have been a sign of the Holy Spirit coming out of him,” said Robertson on “The 700 Club.” “The Holy Spirit affects people in strange ways. Some people go into a frenzy, some people start laughing uncontrollably, some people bark like dogs. Apparently, Trump sniffs.”

Oddly enough, the same sort of behavior in, say, Hillary, would have them claiming demonic possession, I have no doubt.

I dunno, if either God or Satan worked as advertised, there would be no need to vote; it wouldn’t matter anyway. Fortunately, unlike the Reverend Pat, I kinda think it is up to *us* to keep Donald under control.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … I kinda think it is up to *us* to keep Donald under control.

    After which (if lucky), then we’ll have years of trying to keep Hillary from multiple wars, failures, and sellouts.

    It’s gonna be a long century.

  2. RationalismRules says

    In fairness, Trump does possess a couple of very God-like qualities – rampant narcissism and extreme vengefulness.

  3. StevoR says

    @ ^ RationalismRules : The difference between Trump and God? God doesn’t think he’s Trump. /Old joke.

    Also according to rumours I’ve heard advanced both comically and, apparently seriously too it was cocaine Trump had been sniffing. Which is unlikely I think, more like probably he just had a cold. Which according to what the Trumpmob were saying not so long ago when “diagnosing” means he’s on deaths door.

    (Patient Nurse! Nurse! I’m on death’s door! Nurse : Don’worry I’m sure the Doc will pull you through!;-) / Yeah, I know not giving up my day job.)

  4. StevoR says

    STUFF UP CORRECTION : Which according to what the Trumpmob were saying not so long ago when “diagnosing” Hillary Clinton means Trump’s on deaths door.

  5. says

    Of course he sniffs; what else would a snot-nosed brat do?
    So which is more gross–Trump’s sniffling or Hillary’s cough?
    As for me, I’m voting for Gary Johnson. It’s the only way through.
    He’s healthy and fit, and even his beloved weed he can stay off.
    And at least his vice-presidential nominee, Bill Weld,
    Is not a militant Christian, which Pence and Kaine have held.

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