Channelling My Inner Physioproffe…

I was given about 5 pounds of quinces, so after a bit of asking people what the hell you do with quinces, I decided to use about 4 pounds to make membrillo. Pics after the jump.

4 pounds of quince bits, some lemon peel and a bit of vanilla. Ready to boil.

Considerably less quince now–no more skin, and that bag of cores is gone–all pureed, mixed 1:1 with sugar (by volume), ready to cook.

An hour and a half later, cooked down, jelled up, and ready for the oven (in an 8×8 dish lined with parchment, at low temp).

After the oven. Done, and ready for eating.

Membrillo and manchego. Delicious!


  1. Great American Satan says

    Notte enough exclamation pointes!!!!!!! I’ve never even heard of quinces. Where did u get that biz?

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