IN DOG WE TRUST Rug At Auction (The Perfect Gift, Hint Hint)

As rugs go, it was fine—it’s just
That, well, it says “IN DOG WE TRUST”
And so, of course, we feel we must
Replace it.

So place your bid—support the cause,
The money helps our pals with paws
And folks just love the rug with flaws,
Let’s face it.

I love this story. The Pinellas County (FL) Sheriffs Office bought themselves a new rug, with an image of the Sheriffs badge on it. A couple of months after installing it, someone noticed that it said “In Dog We Trust”, which they are kindly labeling a “typo” (to me, it seems much more that someone succumbed to an obvious and overwhelming temptation). Once the story hit the news, the Sheriffs office was inundated with requests to buy the rug, so they have put it up for auction, with 100% of the winning bid going to a local dog shelter. (photos of the rug at the link, too!)

The rug, when new, cost $500. The current bid, as of this writing, is $2675, with 5 days left to bid. This makes me happy (for the dogs, mostly), but it means the rug is already out of my price range. So if any of my readers were wondering what they, as self-made millionaires (or you could have inherited it, I really don’t mind), want to buy me for a late cephalopodmas gift, now you know.

Update: overnight, the bid took a bit of a jump, and it is now at $5100! People like dogs ten times as much as gods, apparently.


  1. Randomfactor says

    Glad they’re raising money for a good cause, but the simpler solution would’ve been a little black dye to cross out the incorrect motto. Total cost: what, a buck?

    I mean, that’s what a government agency SHOULD have done.

  2. Die Anyway says

    Aaach! Here I am in Pinellas County and hadn’t seen this. Although, to be fair, my connection with the outside world consists largely of Digital Cuttlefish and Dispatches From The Culture Wars, and if there’s any time left in the day… Pharyngula.. A slanted view for sure, but my kind of slant. In any case, $2,700 is way beyond my means, charity or not. It is kind of funny and I was thinking they should just install it in the K-9 unit.
    My wife voted for “prank by employee at rug company”. I kind of lean toward “non-English speaking employee (or dyslexic employee) not knowing the difference”.

  3. nothere says

    Considering it’s a Florida police department I’m not surprised it took them months to notice such an obvious clue.

  4. lorn says

    Fervently pray in front of a dog and many dogs, hearing a person suffering, will go to that person and cuddle them. This was noted by a pastor. Given half a chance and dogs answer prayers by expressing sympathy and offering comfort. God, not so much.

  5. Die Anyway says

    Somebody has way too much money: ” ‘In Dog We Trust’ rug sells for $9,650″
    At least the money goes to an animal shelter and not some church.


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