$9650 For A Typo

The rug has sold! And (this is fun)
Seems “Dog” beats “God”, nineteen to one!
Fantastic news for Rex and Rover
Now that bidding’s finally over

The “In Dog We Trust” rug has sold. Originally ordered at a cost of $500, the typo that made the rug unacceptable to the sheriff’s office made it worth $9650 to someone (which, given the auction structure, means it was worth at least $9600 to at least two people!)

Maybe the Freedom From Religion Foundation needs to order an “I love my dog” rug…


  1. StevoR says

    Hot diggity dog!

    The person who payed that must be on rugs!

    Of course the original was a dog of a slogan but this does show every dog (& rug) has its day. Just hope it ain’t doggone eaten or stained upon by some canine company.

  2. Paul Neubauer says

    The Indianapolis Police Dept K-9 cars (or at least one, I’ve never seen more than one at a time) have “In dog we trust” painted/printed on the back.

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