On Blogging

“90 percent of everything is crap”Sturgeon’s revelation
“Hey, blogging ain’t rocket surgery”—someone else

The process of internet blogging, is slogging
Through mountains of oysters, in search of a pearl:
No rockets, no neurons, no surgeon, yet Sturgeon
Sees ten percent good, so you give it a whirl
There’s something that everyone’s missing, dismissing,
But you have a different perspective—a bet—
A hope that your take on this writing’s exciting
An angle that no one has noticed as yet.

The odds are, of course, that you’re boring—ignoring
The dozens of writers who’ve walked here before!
Your cutting-edge concept is, maybe, your baby,
But frankly, your view is a bit of a snore…
Suppose there’s a factor that’s gotten forgotten—
Still, maybe your odds are a million to one
A brilliant perspective –a glorious story—
The numbers suggest it’s already been done

You give it your finishing touches—so much is
Depending on getting each syllable right
One word, and what might have gone viral will spiral
And plummet to earth and explode (well, it might)
You finish your last tiny edit—you’ve said it—
You publish; you’re done; it’s the best it can be…
Then think to yourself, you’re unhappy—it’s crappy
Or maybe you don’t do that. Maybe that’s me.


  1. nothere says

    Are you having a crisis DC? Even if you decide to quit writing I’m going to keep reading anyway because I think you’re that good.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Nah, no crisis. This is one of those verses that wrote itself; I didn’t know how it would go until it was almost done.

  3. otrame says

    Al Dente, Yeah that was the first corollary to Sturgeon’s Law. I forget who said it. Campbell, possibly. He was in a position to know.

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