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So, yeah… April is (US) National Poetry Month. And I have a potential project, which may or may not see fruition this month or ever (simply because grading has to take a higher priority at this point), for which I could really use your input.

No promises–I try very hard not to make promises I can’t keep–but… which of my silly verses might you want to hear read by the author? Long-time readers may have their choices–I would ask new readers to feel free to speak as well, but also to feel free to look over to the left side of this page where there is an “archives” tab, and have fun exploring the early Cuttlefish offerings.

Now, I’ll say right up front that there are verses I have outgrown–there are some I would not recite even if they were the favorite of every other reader here–and there are some that I would decline because they need to be sung (others, I might actually sing), or require two-part harmony (for one, at least) or four-part harmony (for another).

But if you ever wondered what a particular verse sounded like to me… this would be your chance to point that out. Cos it’s part of my master plan for taking over FtB, and eventually the world. Or maybe I just want to show people how the verses sound to me. And I can’t very well just do them all.

No hurry–take your time. Look through the archives; try reciting them yourselves. The one thing about rhymed and metered verse is, it is intended to be read and heard aloud. There are hidden treasures there that will never be appreciated by those who read them silently, I promise you.

Anyway… I have grading to do. Dive deep, look around, and let me know. (New readers, you can start from the very first months if you like–the archives go back to 2007, and it astonishes me how many of my own favorites are among the earliest!)

ok, back to the salt mines… later…


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    I second katybe’s nomination. Here are more recent ones gleaned from my files:

    * Rendering Unto Caesar – 2/1/14
    * Texas Judge Rules: Pull The Plug – 1/24/14
    * “What If You’re Wrong?” – 1/15/14
    * A Whole Different Kern (Oklahoma SSM Ruling) – 1/14/14
    * Meanwhile, In Cow Piss News… – 1/14/14
    * Satanist, Atheist; Tomayto, Tomahto – 1/8/14
    * Another One To Bookmark – 12/23/13
    * Feathered Dinosaurs Are Cool – 12/18/13
    * Marriage Week: Larry And Robert – 3/26/13
    * Ah… Memories… – 11/20/13

    Your original form of internal rhyming is pure gold to behold.
    I reread them with relish. If truth be told, they never get old.

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