Robert And Larry (They’re Just Fine)–Guest Song!

Via twitter, reader Kate Morrison shares a beautiful, simple, song–and I can hardly believe it, but… it seems I wrote it–well, the lyrics, anyway.

I just love it. I want more. So far, Kate’s SoundCloud stream has just this one song… but I have a feeling I’m gonna want to keep checking.

The original verse is here.


  1. besomyka says

    The uke starts a little rough but falls into place once she starts singing, and wow does she have a voice! Very talented. The lyrics are nice too, I guess :p

    Seriously impressive interpretation. Reminded me a bit of Marian Call!

  2. zackoz says

    Congrats, Cuttlefish.

    Is this the first time one of your poems have been sung and recorded?

    It’s surprising if it is, as so many seem very singable (and not only the ones based on known songs).

    I thought she started out a little too slowly, but then got better and better.

    I loved the way she rendered the “man and horse” line.

  3. Cuttlefish says

    Actually, zackoz, there have been at least a handful sung and recorded–I think I have managed to put them all up on the blog, but it is quite possible I have missed one or two. The Mitt Romney Drinking Song is the most recent I am aware of.

    I think this is the first (I could easily be wrong) that takes a verse that I never had a tune for, which makes it a bit of a different experience for me–you see, no matter how good another might have been, it was never the tune I had in my head while writing it, so it was always a bit weird. This one, I barely recognized as my own writing; it just seemed like someone singing her own stuff at a coffee house, which was really nice.

    Funny, I agree, the “man and horse” line is delivered very well, and it is the line in the verse that I find annoying–but I can’t get rid of it, because it is a direct quote from someone in the news (might have even been a politician–fortunately, I can’t remember).

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