Free Verse

I’d shill for a shilling
But no one is willing
To pay for the things that I write.
I’d rant and I’d holler
For minimum dollar
But no one is offering, quite.
A couple of euros
To stuff in my bureau’s
Sufficient for verses like these;
Though some call it whoring,
I’m begging–imploring–
Come, sully my principles, please!
If someone would shell out,
I’d promise to sell out–
My standards, I’ll keep in my purse–
For now, though, I’m sighing
Cos no one is buying…
And all I can write is Free Verse.

Originally posted at ERV.

Ok, the truth is, I once got an offer of some money to put an advert anywhere on the right side of the page. I don’t think I ever replied, because frankly I did not believe it could possibly be a serious offer!


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    Wow! You write cool free verse and get trolled by nut-bag extraordinaire, Dennis Markuze! Digi-C, I think I love you!

  2. says

    You poor fool, DM. I already know pain; I'm a parent. There is nothing in your pitiful imagination that can reach those heights, nor plumb those depths. Your silly religion is but a pathetic attempt to replicate those *real* feelings. It falls far short, as of course it must.One chance. Because I am an incredibly nice person, not because you deserve it. Your comments from now on will all be deleted (immediately, if I am on, but I will not make any special effort; you are not worth it), unless you make an apology to me and my readers. If you truly want to reach anyone, you know what you need to do. If you are as morally bankrupt as you are intellectually, you won't change your behavior a bit.

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    um…*wow*I've fallen in love with your verse, cuttlefish, and have followed you from pharyngula. What fun, and I hav only read the last 4 or 5 poems. Thank you.and, like….*sheez*


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