Christmas For Sarah, And A Cookie For You

Jolly old Saint Nicholas
Lean your ear this way
Sarah has a book to sell
Coming out today!

Christmas eve is coming soon
Under grave attack!
Baby Jesus, do not cry—
Sarah’s got Your back!

Sarah takes on atheists;
Shows them who is boss
Good-bye “Happy Holidays”
Hello, public cross!

Sarah will remind us all
What Christmastime is for:
Peace, and Love, and Brotherhood…
And manufactured war!

Santa is the enemy
Jesus is the lord
Sarah’s book is fifteen bucks—
Easy to afford

Christmas is commercialized
Everywhere you look—
Sarah is the antidote…
Better buy the book!

So… I just found out today that Sarah Palin’s new book is coming out in stores tomorrow! (so, technically, this post is a day early, I guess). (The audio book was released a bit early–you can sample some of its treacle here.)

So I figured, there is no better time than now to release my own War On Christmas book (no, this isn’t “Ink” yet)–if Sarah’s side gets a voice in the War On Christmas, then so must we.

Actually, I’ve been thinking on this for a while, and this this Christmas book is A) something that many readers have requested over the years, and B) my chance to do something for charity. Yes, the proceeds from this (both dead-tree and ones and zeroes) will, I promise, not line my own pockets but go to help those in need. I promise a thorough accounting, but since needs can sometimes change overnight, I don’t currently have a cause in mind for money that I won’t see for another couple of months (that’s just the way Lulu works).

Right now, I’m asking $10 for either the electronic or print version–if you think that is too much or too little (remember, it’s not for me) let me know, and I can change things. And let me know if there are any format problems–I literally threw the e-version together this afternoon, along with the cover for both (it’s supposed to be a gingerbread cuttlefish–have a cookie!)

Anyway, Here’s the link for the e-book.

And here’s the one for the paper version.


And feel free to spread the word!


  1. John Phillips, FCD says

    Cheers Cuttlefish, been waiting for another of your collections to pad out my bookshelf, real and electronic.

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