“We Want To Patriotically Ignore The Will Of The Voters. Patriotically!”

The last time constituents voted, they noted
That one of the issues was health care reform
One candidate promised, “don’t heal it—repeal it”
And promised to take on the nation by storm
The nation, by whom they elected, rejected
The notion that healthcare was nothing but trash
The losing Republicans, routed, just pouted,
And bought local races with shitloads of cash

The courts said the law, despite bluster, passed muster,
So now, on the books, it’s the law of the land
Too late for opponents, so screaming and scheming
Is all they have left, which they simply can’t stand.
Within their own party, the fractions of factions
Are zealously fighting their way to the right—
Where once there were moderate voices, no choice is
Allowed to seem soft, or unwilling to fight

The ideologically driven are riven
By forces that split them and make them unwise
They’ll claim they’re just heading where freedom will lead ‘em
And death’s on the table, before compromise
But the thing is, they lost! There’s no mystery—history
Shows that such losses have happened before!
With the pathway the voters selected rejected,
Democracy fails… the alternative’s war.

Oddly enough, the Tea Party Republicans put me in mind of this verse… I wonder why. Man, for people who loves them some constitution, they sure are quick to abandon it when the process leads to someone else winning.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … one of the issues was health care reform…

    Nuh-uh: Sen. Rand Paul (who never lies) says,”We haven’t had a big debate about Obamacare really …”

    Not even The Onion could make this shit up.

  2. Numenaster says

    Hastert rhymes with “past hurt” while promising future hurt into the bargain.

    The rhyming structure of this one is pretty darn complex–Cuttlefish, you are a genius and I bow in awe of your mastery of meter.

  3. D-Dave says

    This is a beautiful rhyming scheme, Cuttlefish! Loved it! You’ve got good reason to be proud of it!

  4. zackoz says

    Burning with envy.

    Even “freedom” / “lead ’em” doesn’t sound forced!

    And indeed, I’ve never seen that rhyming pattern anywhere else.

  5. Cuttlefish says

    Yeah, Nathaniel–one of the deliberate purposes of this verse form is to have it be fun to read aloud.

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