What? You Disagree With Me?

Professor Cuttlefish? I’m scared;
I feel I might be unprepared—
I understand your point, but see,
I think I disagree!

My other classes share a view
That isn’t really shared by you
It sometimes feels like splitting hairs,
But really, I like theirs!

I’ve got this fear I cannot mask
So, much as I’m afraid to ask,
Still, all in all, I think it best…
Will this be on the test?

I don’t mean will it just be there—
Of course it will, I’m well aware—
But will it cost me points? A few?
To disagree with you?

Your other classes disagree—
With what you’ve learned, so far, from me;
It’s possible, of course, they might
Just have the view that’s right

It could just be that I am wrong—
I’ve been deluded all along—
Succumbing to some oversight
And you could set me right

The only thing that I demand
Is that you truly understand;
To know that what I mean is this
Before you just dismiss.

And if your answers represent
The point of view I really meant
While disagreeing anyway…
You’ll still have earned your “A”

And when, sometime, you recognize
Your other profs are telling lies
About my different point of view…
Then (really!), good for you!

Based on a comment from a student this week, but changed and distorted beyond any recognition, cos I don’t like to write about my real life.


  1. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Great poem and yeah agree with most of it.

    People are always going to disagree and see the world in different ways.
    ‘Tis our natural nature and thus always stays
    The world would be a boring place
    If all thought the same in every case
    So we can argue and dispute, learn from each other and from various proof
    In debating lets be friends, lets not go too far and make amends
    For in the end we all do bleed and laugh and cry and thus suceed.
    Agree or not there is a lot
    We share in common so lets not get too hot!

  2. thinksanddrinks says

    Nice artistry. In EE, we can always go out in the lab and destroy something to prove a point (or just to have some fun) (the bigger the bang, the more fun). Our arguments don’t have the same — indeterminancy — that the poem implies for higher-level concepts. My daughter is in biology, so I duck all such questions (unless it has something to do with a critter of some kind contacting a power line; I get into V=IR, conduction heating effects, and crispy critters at that point).

  3. Callinectes says

    The tics and mannerisms of the way you write is so much like those of one of my friends that I keep thinking you’re her.

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